Planning An Event? Don’t gamble With Your Service Providers – Tips and tricks For A Successful Event [19 Degrees Outside Catering]

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We’ve all attended them – birthdays, wedding receptions, wedding committees, office parties name them. A chance to live in the moment, let loose and for once forget your worries.

Also inclusive is the outside catering team, decor, photographers, videographers and so on.

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However, what most of us probably don’t think about is the effort that is required to make an event a success. The meetings, phone calls and sometimes bitter arguments can leave the most resilient of us frustrated. Sometimes the cheapest is not always the best – mistakes happen. Unfortunately, when the moment is gone, its gone forever. The expected fan fare and merry making can in the blink of an eye turn out to be a fragment of our imaginations.

Fortunately, its not all bad news. With a little effort and caution, you can save yourself from unnecessary heartache. Always check the track record of your service providers and avoid having to clean up people’s messes later. In addition, its always a good idea to consult friends and family for referrals. Because most service providers are in their best behaviour on social media and other avenues, always make a point of visiting in person. You will never go wrong with a written agreement stating duties and responsibilities and possible remedies in case of breach of the agreement.

Lastly, consider saving extra service provider numbers just in case things don’t go to plan. While this list is by no means exhaustive, these tips will save you from frustrations, flaring tempers and tears.

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[ 19 Degrees Restaurant is a recognized restaurant in Thika offering outside catering services. We have trained chefs, qualified service personnel and outside catering facilities to turn every event a celebration. Visit us sometime at Hanton Towers 1st Floor Mama Ngina Drive in Thika. Alternatively, you can call us today on 0787611685. We look forward to having an audience with you!!
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