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Allow me to take this opportunity to introduce you to 19 Degrees Restaurant And Lounge. First of all, I’ll be giving you a brief overview of 19 Degrees, what to expect, where its located and also a sneak photo preview. Then, I’ll finish with a conclusion.
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The main restaurant has a sitting capacity of about 300 people. Therefore, It is ideal for small and large meetings. This includes but not limited to birthdays, wedding afterparties, chamas, church committes e.t.c. In addition, the interior has comfortable and spacious sitting positions. Consquently, utmost comfort and play area is guaranteed even when you’re with the  kids and the family at large.



The VIP area features wildly comfortable sofas that make you want to hang out all day. The seating arrangement is also flexible allowing you to hold upto 60 people at a time. If you’re meeting an important client or holding an out of office meeting, 19 Degrees VIP area is perfect. The section is well lit with soothing downlighters and a humongous big screen television. The next time you need to catch a match, we’ve got you. Forget about the crowded bars and call up your friends and simply reserve a spot at the VIP lounge. 



The balcony gives you a panoramic view of Thika town. In addition, it simply puts you in a mood to unwind sipping on your favorite drink. It’s an absolute perfect place to sit and get some fresh air after a long day.

There’s a lot to say about the19 Degrees Restaurant And Lounge menu and an introductory post wouldn’t do justice. The restaurant has a pretty diverse menu for every occassion you can think of. However, I can reveal to you that 19 Degrees are way on top of their game in terms of the dishes. Whether you want a light snack, heavy lunch or dinner, an occasional cocktail or mocktail, you can count on us. Take a look at some photos of our food and drinks. In case you’re wondering, this are not images downloaded off google, this are actual photos of our meals.
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19 Degrees Restaurant and lounge is a must visit. It is probably the best restaurant in Kiambu county. If you live far from Thika, consider bringing your family for an excursion. If you live in Thika however, you have to make this your ka-regular joint. Most noteworthy, the service is on point and the restaurant serves both soft or hard drinks.


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